The Quälgeist Berlin e.V.

If the words SM, Fetish, Leather, Rubber, Uniform, Bondage or „Dog Training“ mean something to you, then you are in the right place.

Quälgeist Berlin is a non-commercial association of SM and Fetish enthusiasts. We maintain our own space where our members can practice/enjoy their fetishes/preferences and live out their fantasies. With approx. 200 sqm. we have a great variety of play options with a St. Andrew’s Cross, cages, a rack, wall bars, hoists & pulleys, a hanging cage, slings and many other play-tools available (see also our gallery). Be sure to bring your own favourite personal toys with you.

bondagebettQuälgeist Berlin organises events regularly on the weekend: Fridays and Saturdays. The majority of the parties are for gay men, many are open to all varieties of SM/fetishes, while others are themed for specific fetishes (see calendar). Under the heading "SM Academy" we host theme weekends which allow extended SM play and SM training (Bondage, SM and Slave Weekends).

At all Quälgeist Berlin events safety is the number one priority. All sexual acts are only allowed with the mutual consent of all participants. We also provide consultation with regard to questions about SM, safety, and health issues. We meet once a month at our MoM-Sitzung (meeting) to discuss program and organisational topics. These meetings are open to everyone and offer a good contact point for people who are interested in learning more about us. Between these meetings the executive board manages the association's affairs.

The Quälgeist Berlin program lives and thrives through the participation of our members. Quälgeist Berlin’s activities are financed through membership fees. Newcomers and visitors to Berlin can become a temporary member for an evening. Regular visitors to our events are encouraged to consider becoming club members. We are happy to send membership information and application form if you are interested.

We look forward to your visit and wish both you and us lots of fun with the “rough times” in life.

Quälgeist Berlin e.V.