The fine tuning begins

In the meantime, we have completed all wood, drywall and metal construction work . While our electricians are installing the last wires, the first play areas are already being prepared.
In addition, the entire location is being cleaned and tidied up step by step.

die ersten Spielmöglichkeiten bekommen einen Platz
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Work in progress

We are still working with highest priority on everything we need for the reopening. Here are a few impressions from the construction site:

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Update on donations and status of works and tasks

How much money has already been donated? And how are things going on the construction site?
Two questions that we would like to answer with the following two grapics.
We are making good progress with the construction work, but when it comes to donations we still need your support!
Many thanks to all donors and helpers!

Current donation status

Status of work and tasks

Back on the construction site

Construction works have started in our rooms. We are refitting the gallery, installing additional sanitary facilities and improving the lighting to make “your playroom” an even more safe and comfortable place! A reopening date has not yet been scheduled but please stay tuned.

Appeal for donations

Dear friends of Quälgeist Berlin e.V.,

For more than one year, our new rooms at Lankwitzer Straße remain closed now. In the past twelve months, we fought to save the club and the location.
After numerous discussions, negotiations, applications and expert opinions, we are now on the verge of preparing our rooms for the upcoming reopening.
Therefore we need your support in form of donations!

Why do we ask for donations?

Due to the closure of our venue, there has been no income from our regular events for more than a year. Nevertheless, monthly costs have incurred, for example the rent for our rooms. The monthly membership fees are not sufficient to cover these costs. In addition, we had to pay various surveyors and administrative fees in the course of the approval process. As a result, our reserves are now depleted completely.
Before a reopening can be scheduled, some parts of our location have to be upgraded in order to meet the official requirements. arious small and medium-sized modifications have to be carried out, which will be a major financial challenge to us.

How much money is needed and what is it used for?

The collected money will be used exclusively for the upcoming construction measures. An exact sum cannot be stated yet. However, according to present knowledge we assume a total amount between 25.000€ and 30.000€.
The following excerpt from our construction planning can serve as examples:

  • various drywall construction and painting work, application of fire-retardant paint
  • Extension of the electrical system, emergency lighting and escape route markings
  • Extension of the sanitary area, completion of the toilet for the disabled
  • Exchanging the entrance door
  • Completion of the gallery construction and the smoker’s loung

How can you support us?

First and foremost we need monetary donations. You can pay directly into our account at Berliner Volksbank or you can send us a donation conveniently via PayPal.
Our account details are as follows:

Berliner Volksbank
IBAN: DE18 1009 0000 1008 9800 35
Reference: Donation

The following link will take you to the PayPal donation page: .

Please indicate the intended purpose “donation”.

ou may also support us with donations in kind:
Do you have BDSM equipment or fetish gear that you don’t need anymore? Leave it to us for our regular BDSM and fetish flea markets. Your donation in kind will be sold and converted into money for the construction work. Please contact us by e-mail to coordinate the details, write to .

We ask you to continue to support us in this way so that we can meet the upcoming challenges and tasks until the reopening.

Thank you for standing with us in this difficult situation. Thank you for your donation. Thank you for your solidarity along this path!

Best regards
Board and members of the Quälgeist Berlin e.V.


About us

Quälgeist Berlin e.V. is a non-commercial association of BDSM and fetish enthusiasts. During the last
30 years, it has become an important part in the Berlin gay and fetish scene.
We regularly organize events, which are mainly addressed to gay men. Besides that, we have
various events for mixed and queer audiences as well as for women and FLIT* in our program. We
also organise workshops on various BDSM topics and offer meetups with the opportunity to get
together in sheltered rooms.
Security and mutual respect have highest priority at all Quälgeist Berlin e.V. events.
We advise on all questions related to BDSM and fetishes, safety as well as health and violence

>>> Donation and Support

Any news yet? – Information for Folsom

Dear guests and friends of Quälgeist Berlin e.V.,

in September many of you are coming from all over Germany – and indeed from all over the world – to Berlin where we celebrate Folsom Europe together with the fetish and BDSM community. For many of you a visit at our place is a fixture of the Folsom agenda.

Unfortunately this year we’re not yet able to open our doors for you.

As some of you probably know, we have been closed for ten months now due to missing permissions, and this will remain to be the case for the coming weeks as well. Even though we have – with the help of local politicians and numerous supporters – finally managed to get a permit for our current location, we still can’t reopen, because we have to deal with a lot more building and administrative steps. It is therefore very difficult for us to announce a concrete opening date, not least because the past few months have shown us that each of these steps is considerably more time-consuming than any of us had expected.

But at the Folsom Street Festival we are still there for you. We will again be present with our big club stand, where you can meet us for talks, advice, just to say hello and even for some BDSM performances. This year you will find our booth (no. 34) at Fuggerstraße 27. We are looking forward to seeing you!

At our stand at the street festival we will also advertise on our own behalf. The further construction measures in our rooms as well as obtaining the necessary official and/or expert appraisals cause considerable costs. The membership fees of our club members will not suffice to financially support us all the way through to the reopening. Therefore we ask for your solidarity, not least in the form of donations. For this purpose we have set up an information page on our homepage, which you can find here: >Donations and Support

Together with your support we will continue to do our utmost in order to reopen “Your Playroom”.

Your Team at Quälgeist Berlin e.V.

Quälgeist remains closed

Since 16th of October 2018, there haven’t been any events at Quälgeist. Despite all efforts to find a solution, there is still no breakthrough: We focused on discussions and meetings with members of the city politics and municipal authorities during the past weeks. There are further meetings planned for the next days.

Our main problem is still the development plan for the area where we are located, at Lankwitzer Straße 42/43. The Quälgeist is classified as a so called “place of entertainment” by the district authority of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. According to the development plan, such establishments can not be operated in this area.

In order to avert us falling in the prohibited category, we also consider and check whether we can restructure our location into a clubhouse. Any events would be for members only but this approach seems not to be promising at the moment.

According to press reports, the district authorities focus on other locations that are part of the queer scene as well. For example: There has been raid at the sex club “Ajpnia” that is also located at the district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. Like they argued at Quälgeist and Böse Buben, that fire protection has to be handled strictly since the devastating fire in a gay sauna in 2017.
Please rest assured, that all persons responsible at Quälgeist pay particular attention on the safety of our guests. By the time we opened our new rooms in spring, we took the necessary precautions, which were explicit acclaimed during an official on-site inspection in April 2018. If there is a chance to open again, we will, of course, do what is necessary to comply with official requirements concerning fire safety to ensure your safety at Quälgeist.

We are looking for a way for the survival of Quälgeist Berlin e.V. with all our strength since October now. Many thanks to all persons involved, who give up their free time to prepare and conduct meetings, reorganise our planning or create construction drawings.
We are aware that we will not be able to endure this situation for an unlimited time. We still have to pay rent and incidental costs. This amount can not be borne by the membership fees. With every month without the event income, our account balance is decreasing. Therefore we are trying to take a definitive decision regarding our future at Lankwitzer Straße as soon as practicable.

Please keep in touch for updates on the further development of the current situation.


Press reports on this topic:

The views expressed in the linked articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the position of Quälgeist Berlin e.V.


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