Before / After

Our photographer has put together a little photo series where you can see how it looked like at Lankwitzer Str. 42 before we began constructing the new Quälgeist. And what we made of it until now:

The entrance, Still original: the handrails.

Entrance – before

Entrance – after

The bar. Still original: The radiators.

The bar – before

The bar – after

The non-smoking lounge (besides the bar).

The non-smoking lounge – before

The non-smoking lounge – after

The smoker’s lounge (built completely new as a second storey above the non-smoking lounge).

The smoker’s lounge

The entrance to the play area (not exactly the same view perspective).

The entrance to the play area – before

The entrance to the play area – after

The new bar

The new bar area is nearly finished, today we did last works on the seating elements.

One thing that was annoying for some visitors at the old venue was the fact, that there was no strict separation of smoking and non-smoking areas. Therefore we decided, that smoking will be probibited at the bar during public events in the new Quälgeist and built a separate „smoker‘s lounge“ above the bar for you! With glass wall, of course, so you will not miss out anything that happens beneath.

Foto vom neuen Barbereich mit Raucherlounge

#LanQwitzer – Re-opening on March 24th

Work is going well in our new rooms at Lankwitzer Strasse 42 and we already fixed a date for the re-opening:
On Saturday 24th of March we will celebrate a big opening party with you!
Of course, the rooms will not be ready to every detail, therefore we will be open on weekends only for the first weeks. Weekdays, the work in the rooms will continue. And on the BLF Easter Berlin we are ready and there for you (almost) as always.
Please find all dates in the calendar.

Rock the QG

We currently dismantle our old venue and tuck away all our goods and chattels.

In the last few weeks our busy members have prepared and cleared out the new rooms. Therefore we already were able to lay out a new floor.

We’re more than in schedule, which means that our final relocation can take place in February.

We will keep you up to date – here as well as in the social networks.