Are only members of Quaelgeist Berlin e.V. allowed to the events?

No, guest are welcome as well. It is possible to gain a daily membership at all of our events. The association rules and house rules apply. Prices for daily membership are varying between 7 und 15 Euro, depending on the kind of event.


How do I pay my drinks while I am at your venue?

You will get a chip card on entering our rooms. All orders are booked to that card. If you want to leave, you will have to pay the amount on your card at the till. If you are wearing clothes which make you auable to carry your card with you, it is possible to leave the card at the personell on duty at the bar.


Is there a dress code?

Learn more about our dress code


Why do you only sell non-alcoholic drinks?

The city authority of Berlin did not yet allow us to sell alcoholic beverages. We will soon get an official license and then add more drinks to our menu.