Moving forward… Event programme July-October is online

Moving forward…

As of July 2018 we are returning to our regular event schedule. This means that we’ll once again be open on selected weekdays. Therefore the following parties are back on the map: Blue Monday Chillout, SM on Tuesday (with new opening hours from 7 pm till midnight), JaSMin Berlin and FemDom.

Furthermore Sodom & Gomorrha will from now on start one hour earlier at 8.00 p.m.

We‘ll also continue the upgrade of our premises. In order to be able to host events during this construction phase we have to separate a certain part of our playroom. We are working busily to inaugurate the first half of our future play area at Folsom Europe 2018.


  • Merci de me donner des explications en français

  • if a US person comes on holiday can they join while on holiday instantly or do we have to join ahead
    Also is there a way to get rules, regulations etc sent so we can abide by the rules etc.
    I am MasterJohnOhio a long time BDSM educator and teacher from the USA written two books on cigar play and the Leatherman’s protocol handbook. Currently going to Providence where I will teach a weekend of workshops by myself and my slave and boy. Would like any information or how I can see more of the club so when I come for Folsom Europe I can get in and play and meet people. I am also available for teaching almost any subject.

  • Hello John,
    thanks for your interest and your question.
    Quaelgeist is open for guests at all our events, there is no registration necessary, just come and gain a day membership at the entrance. At Folsom events the fee will be 13 Euro. But please observe that most events have a certain motto and according dresscode. Also on Folsom Thursday there will be an event where men are not allowed. You can find all information about the events and the corresponding dresscode in our calendar here on the website and detailed information about the dresscodes in the “Events” section. All information is presented in english language also.
    Our house rules are also presented on our website but I just observed that the english translation is missing. I will work on it over the weekend, so you will find english translation shortly on the website in the “Info” section.
    Thanks for your offer of teaching bdsm subjects. During Folsom Europe, there will be no workshops in our rooms because we are open for the Folsom parties only. Also, since we have not completely finished the construction of our new rooms yet (we just moved there earlier this year), not all workshop areas are available yet. But you are welcome to talk to our staff at the bar concerning the possibilities of doing workshops at Quaelgeist Berlin.

    Kind regards,

  • hi everyone. it is great site. thanks for all.